“We own our company, we touch the mail, we know what is in-house
and we make things happen for our customers.”

saba-largeSaba Direct – pronounced sAba with a long A has been around since 2005 and is committed to bringing their clients professional service, on time and on budget.    The co-owners, Bob Hansen and Barry Hinton have over 70 years of industry experience between them that allows them to offer their expertise, knowledge and insight on every job.

Bob’s direct marketing experience dates back to 1981 with PEP Direct, a company who pioneered premium fundraising. Nonprofits today are still using those same proven strategies. Bob joined the Paralyzed Veterans of America in 1992 were billions of pieces of mail where produced to gain support for veterans and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Bob co-founded Saba Direct in 2005 and is actively involved in operations and knowing where projects are in production process. His marketing knowledge allows him to understand not only how to process the work but how best to process it to meet the marketing purpose and goals.

Barry began as a press operator in the 1980s, and moved on to become a successful national sales representative for FDI Services. In 2003, Barry co-founded Hinton Hill, a 20 million dollar direct mail printing and production agency, which was acquired in 2005 by the Direct Group. Barry was one of the initial founders of Saba and rejoined the company in 2008 in a leadership position. He is actively involved in all projects beginning with customer relationships to the final product.

Both Bob and Barry believe in the hands on approach, and take great pride in their customer’s satisfaction and success.