For Non-Profits, fund raising campaigns is one of the hardest jobs a non-profit has and it is the most critical to their mission.

The donor list and marketing revenue oriented campaigns are an organizations biggest assets. We understand the importance of developing and maintaining accurate data history which is the key component of success.

For Associations, membership management is complicated. Are the lists clean, do we treat long time members differently than new members, do new members get warmly welcomed? Saba understands all of this is important.

Our experience with fund raising campaigns and membership development has made us a vendor of choice for many non-profits and their consultants because we understand the importance, the purpose and the message. We make sure the details in production all lend themselves to the success of the campaign. Professional finish, on-time and on-budget.

We even offer manual assemble and fulfillment. Often, we hear stories about how machines have ruined the package before it ever entered the mail stream. By manually assembling pieces, we are able to ensure each one is correct with all of the finishing touches. Tie a bow, adhere a coin, or stick a sticker, our diversified team of experts are ready to complete your project perfectly. Machines are often limited in size and shape. We have no such limitations. You dream it, we make it happen.

Packages with bows
Fundraising brochures
Fundraising colateral